Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rock Nightmare Interview With Jacob

RN: What’s up?
Jacob Bunton: I’m in the studio right now. I have been doing the Adler thing it just needs to be mixed and mastered and then well see what happens.
RN: Since the Adler line up was announced, the rumor among some “Lynam” fans is that you are leaving the band. I see David posting every once in a while saying “Jacob is still in Lynam” yet some people don’t seem to get it. I just wanted to clear up any rumors there might be concerning “Lynam“.
Jacob Bunton: We are best friends. “Lynam” will always be a band even if we take breaks and do other things. Like we said a year and a half ago when we released the last record “Thank You Goodnight” “Lynam” is not breaking up. That was just going to be the last thing we record for a while because we all want to concentrate on other things. So we are not breaking up. We are still playing gigs but we just want to explore other things as well.

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