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  1. i hope adler can improve. he seems to have lost most of his tallent when he was kicked from gnr.
    good luck stay sober

  2. goodluck to you steven I wish you all the best I'm going to a record label don't know what will happen next hopefully something positive I haven't played drums in 4 years been busy singing in shows, How's Caro, I've got your book about your life and read it all which is how I know about her she looks very pretty you two look great together.

  3. So awesome!!! Thought all you had out was Adler's Appetite, was hoping you would put out something, best fuckin drummer alive!!! Get better, let us know when you are coming to Colorado!!!!!!

  4. Hey Guys! I just wanted to say I really love your album it's so fucking great! I wish I could see you guys live but unfortunately I live across the globe in New Zealand... Hope you are all doing well especially Steven with your addiction, you're such an inspiration to me and you seem like such a great guy and a nice friend. I do have one thing to ask and that's if you might put up lyrics to your songs (I haven't had a lot of luck finding them elsewhere on the internet) so that fans like me might indulge and can sing along to your great songs in full! :)

    Thanks alot, Love Alanna M <3 \m/(>_<)\m/

    Ps. I just bought your autobiography Steven I can't wait to read it!

  5. Steve, remember Framingham and Fantasia? Good lunch with sobriety

  6. Hello there! What finally with the show in Ottawa at 8/22/15 - The Bourbon Room ?

  7. Steven I saw you at anything that rock fest in Pa Oct 2015. Its good to see you are still rocking. Is Adler coming to Philly or Reading Pa anytime soon? I don't know what size venues you are playing bt Santander center for performing arts is a nice small theater venue that may be cool. Reading Pennsylvania. Would love to see more rock and roll shows come around. Rock on!! Peace!

  8. Excuse me, how can you do to get an autograph from steven? thanks

  9. someone has the address of steven?

  10. Hey steven... It's crazy but true. We have so much common ground. Just to much to begin to tell. I don't know where to start. My biggest wish is to drink a beer with you at the Rainbow in L.A. to have a smalltalk... I just finished read your book "my appetite for destruction". I know so well where you was going thru. Well.. I will stay in the Rainbow next year in the first week of october.
    Remo (Bone / BoneBlood)